Linemen perform 'pole top rescue' exercise

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Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative linemen pose for a photo after completing a pole top rescue exercise.


Linemen at Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative are to complete a pole top and bucket rescue course each year as an OSHA mandated safety training requirement. In addition, BREC operators are required to pass the bucket course yearly to maintain employment at the cooperative.

“The course is designed to evaluate each lineman on the ability to properly rescue an injured and/or stranded lineman,” stated Ken Kiser, Manager of Engineering and Safety for BREC. “After the rescue, the linemen are to perform the proper CPR techniques. All of this is timed and should be performed in less than 4 minutes,” Kiser explained.

As part of the annual training course, each lineman must climb a pole and rescue a 150 pound training mannequin that is hanging from the utility pole. The lineman must then secure the mannequin using ropes and clips and safely bring him back to the ground

The bucket rescue is very similar, and the requirement is to get the training mannequin out of the bucket safely by using the lower controls.

“A lineman can never know what may happen in the field,” stated Joe Skidmore, Line Supervisor for BREC. “This type of training allows each of our linemen to gain the skills and confidence it takes to successfully help a fellow lineman if the need ever arises,” says Skidmore.

BREC always places safety first, and by performing annual training, the cooperative and its members can rest assured that the linemen are properly trained to handle almost any situation.


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